03 September 2013

Four Years On

It was four years ago on this date that my father died suddenly. With the passing of time, his loss seems more manageable, thus proving, for me at least, the adage that 'time heals all wounds.' That is not to say, however, that losing him has gotten easier.

It is my Dad's absence that remains hard to manage. I think of the things where his physical presence has been missing, like holding his first great grandchild, like as a Patriarch giving blessings to my children, like seeing my sister excel as a Physician's Assistant, or being able to see my brother's success as an attorney, the profession that my Dad loved so much. Those times can be hard to manage. And those are things that should be harder to manage, frankly. I'll always wish he could be there for these things.

I take comfort in the faith that I will see him again for I know that I will. I am comforted in the knowledge that the love that he had for my mother comforts her even today. I'm glad I still miss him. 

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