30 October 2013


A plethora of choices
Long ago in a time seemingly forgotten, there was a thing called daytime television, wherein one saw all sorts of amazing things, like game shows. Games shows like "Password," "Match Game," "The Hollywood Squares," "Jokers Wild," and "Let's Make A Deal" ruled the channels. Of course, in those days, if you were lucky you got three channels, maybe five. These were dark times.

I've been thinking about a certain aspect of "Let's Make A Deal" of late because of the paradox of choice with which the costume-adorned contestants were presented. Three big doors and all that stood between the winner and the prize was Carol Merrill and the paradox of which door to choose. Behind one, maybe two doors, could be something awesome, or something craptastic. You never knew, you just had to choose. If only there was something great behind every door...

Right now, choices and what results from them are top of mind. The Boy is eighteen. He is in his senior year of high school. The application for his university (Rise and Shout!) of choice is open for completion. Thanks to a change in age requirement, he will be eligible to serve a mission for our Church as soon as he graduates from school in June. He's got big choices ahead of them and none of them are bad. Starting school, getting some time away from home is not a bad thing at all. Jumping right into his missionary service isn't a bad thing either. He's got the paradox of which door to choose. All are good choices..which is better? Or which is best?

It's been exciting to watch him work through these choices, which isn't to say he's made up his mind. He hasn't and he doesn't have to right now. He continues to demonstrate a growing maturity as he talks through his options and as he seeks guidance. The Boy is a young man of faith and that is helping to guide his decisions. He's included his mom and me in his thought process and that's been humbling and sweet. I am confident that he will choose the best path.

Dallin H. Oaks said, "Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions." The Boy has his priorities right, so the choices and actions will follow. It's going to be fun and, admittedly, a bit of melancholy over the course of the next few months as I document his path here in the Den. This is it, our last one, preparing to take his leave of the Den. It's going to be interesting preparing ourselves for this next phase of our lives as we help prepare him for his. I wonder, Carol Merrill, what's behind the big door for the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and me?

Stay tuned...

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