19 March 2014


And so it begins
It has begun. Am I finally acknowledging my descent into madness? Am I accepting middle-age, with all its attending awesomeness (e.g. actually listening to the myriad pharmaceutical ads aimed at my age bracket)?  No, I'm not quite there on either count. I have, however, taken my first official yoga class and I'm hooked.

My employer recently opened a full gym in our building and I took my first yoga class this morning at 615AM. It was exhilarating. It was challenging. It was a little bizarre (one bit of music featured what sounded exactly like Neil Young chanting). It was relaxing. And I really liked it. I liked how I felt at the end of class and I liked how I felt throughout the day.

Classes are three days a week and I'm looking forward to them. I'm looking forward to being able to, well, balance. I'm looking forward to stretching without being the only one in the class whimpering ever so slightly. Does this mean I'll be shopping in the men's section of Lululemon? No - BTW, do they even have a men's section? I hope not. Sheer yoga pants would be even worse on a dude. Truth.

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