09 October 2014

Time stands still on Thursdays

Missionary training hasn't changed him
As noted previously, upon learning that Thursdays would be The Missionary formerly known as The Boy's 'day off,' it was immediately our new favorite day of the week. Today is Thursday and it is still our favorite day of the week. We didn't hear from him until early afternoon which threw the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML's day for a bit of a loop.

His letter, which is now posted at his blog, was positive and reflects the musings of a young man in the process of growing up. There's a lot of ground still to cover (one need only look at me, his father, to know growing up takes awhile) but it was great to read his thoughts on what he's learning and experiencing.

The wait to get these emails is, at times, agonizing. Time literally stands still on Thursdays as we wait to hear from him. The wait's been worth it each time though. His personality shines through in all that he writes. I knew it would. That makes me happy.

He'll be in training for three more works and then he'll be in Mexico, when we think Monday will become our new favorite day. Until then, we'll stick with getting all kinds of excited about Thursdays.

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