15 February 2015

Winter's Discontent

Now is the winter of our discontent.
"Richard III" - William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare coined that prophetic phrase in 1594. Four hundred and twenty one - 421 - years later, I would say, without doubt, that we are truly in our own winter of discontent.

Why, you ask?

The snow. The shoveling. Throw in some delightful wind chill. Then more snow. Then more shoveling. It's turned into a vicious cycle. It's like we are on a never-ending hamster wheel in Satan's playground and, quite frankly, we are ready to get off. Perhaps the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and I have both have a raging case of seasonal affective disorder (also known as SAD, without a hint of irony). Who knows? But as we crept down our hill on the snow-packed road this morning to go get some religion, we both looked at each other with a knowing look that said, 'It's enough already.' True that.

A state of discontentment can actually be a good thing. It's usually an uncomfortable state to be in and it's not something you want to wallow in. Unless of course you like that state of mind. However, if managed appropriately, discontentment spurns change. I think it's safe to say we are ready for that here. While we have no control over the shrewish and angry hag that is Mother Nature, I am determined she will not get the better of us.

I'm taking this quote from the late Gandhi to heart: 

Progress it is. Progress it shall be. In the meantime, Mother Nature, you won't win this one, even if it kills me.

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