10 August 2015

Who Crashed It Best?

The bike has no idea about what's about to go down.
One of the things that TMFKATB was pretty excited about in his new area was the chance to be on a bike. While he was serving in Mexico, a bike was simply not an option. When you grow up with cultural icons that include missionaries on bikes, it's weird to think you won't be on a bike. So when he was reassigned to his new mission, he figured he might get on a bike at some point. He got his wish and this week's letter was chock full o'pictures of the bike as well as a bike-related story or two.

But before I get to that, just a few other highlights. TMFKATB seems to have hit his stride. He faced some challenges that led him to some intense study and he felt really good about the ensuing teaching opportunities. He and his companion are very aware of  just how short two years of service really is and they're working hard to maximize it. All in all, it was the kind of letter that missionary parents hope for. All good.

Except for the bike debacle.

If you're a bike riding missionary, at one point or another, and if you're really lucky, multiple points, you are going to have an accident on said bike. My first accident was just a couple weeks into the field. I got the chance to use my face as brake. Sadly. I say first because there were multiple accidents. Because Miami, sand, and ten-speeds do not mix. Which is why I had the good sense to buy a fat-tired beach cruiser after that demon seed ten-speed got stolen. Anyway, last week, TMFKATB and his companion decided to take a short cut across a field to save some time and it went horribly wrong. TMFKATB was leading and had to 'tap' his front brakes, sending him and his bike into a flip. When his companion got to him, he A) first and foremost, took a picture of the missionary down (because that's what's most important) and then B) seeing how his leg was bent, thought TMKFATB had a broken leg. Mercifully, his leg wasn't broken, but the bike was.

Earlier, I mentioned my first bike accident as a missionary and now my son has had his first bike accident. So let's play a game I'm calling "Who Crashed It Best?" It's easy to play.

Take a look at the images below.
Then decide "Who Crashed It Best?"


Here we go.

Just look at how TMFKATB's left leg / foot is twisted!
Ignore his Wicked Witch of the East socks.
Note my cuts and the boss emergent bruise under my right eye.

I ask you, who crashed it best? Vote once. Vote often!

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