02 June 2016


On this Memorial Day, we find ourselves firmly entrenched behind the Zion Curtain. On more than one occasion since TMFKATB began serving in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission, we have found ourselves a mere minutes away from him. Today we are less than 30 minutes away from where he currently serves but even being this close, our communication with him was limited to our usual emails. Them's the rules, people.

In today's letter, he filled us in on his first week working with one his favorite companions again. He's training him again, this time in Zone Leader (a leadership position) role. He is really excited about this opportunity. It's not been without its challenges as he talked about some of the challenges their zone faces. It's not always easy for nineteen and twenty year olds to be 100% obedient all the time, even in the best of circumstances and a mission is no different. So he's had to learn how to, as he put it, 'correct' in a spirit of ministry, rather than throwing the hammer. That's not easy to do when your just twenty years old yourself. From the sounds of it, he's getting there.

He did use the time to remind us he's going to need a car when he gets home. He included this not so subtle reminder:

We'll see how that turns out for him.

As he closed his letter, he said it was fun to know that we were as close to him as we are today. I have to agree. It really is good to be this close to him.

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