02 January 2017


Well, you're here now. 
It's Day Two of 2017 and not to put too fine a point on it, but we are all still here (well, with the exception of one Mariah Carey's singing career. Wait...has anyone checked in on Betty White?). Given how 2016 went for the world, this is saying a lot.

I've never been much for making grandiose New Year's resolutions, much less post them here in Den. I already share way too much in this space. I don't need to add a cavalcade of potential failures to the parade of TMI.

Speaking of TMI and in a glorious metaphor of the bellicose statements of our newly-elected Fuhrer President, I'm starting this year with my own personal version of #DrainTheSwamp. How, you ask? (Or if you're wise, don't ask.) With a 50 year old body, a fully funded HSA account, and doctor's orders, I'm getting my first colonoscopy this week. I can't think of a better way to welcome this new year! Based on all the feedback I've gotten on this procedure, I know that the prep will truly drain the swamp. At least someone is going to fulfill that promise.

I'm honestly relieved to be doing this. I've been doing some reading in advance of the procedure and I was disturbed to learn that colon cancer is in the top three of cancer killers. When caught early, it is 90% beatable. So I'm fine with some pre-procedure unpleasantness because there's a Propofol cocktail waiting at the end of that rainbow:

"You'll totally know why Michael Jackson loved the stuff."
Nurse who called me to explain the procedure. She
should be awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Talk about an endorsement! Quite a way to start the new year.

When you start your year off like that, it helps frame the year ahead. As I said earlier, I'm not much for resolutions. I am a lot more in favor of guidelines that will help frame the actions that I will take in a new year. For so many reasons, this quote is my 2017 touchstone:

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil 
is for good man to do nothing."
Edmund Burke

Please don't sit idly by and let the world pass you by this year.
Do something. Raise your voice. Lend a hand. 
Do not let evil win.

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