09 September 2010


Another big day here in the Den. What makes this day, September 9, a big deal? Well, thanks to Wikipedia, let's see:

- 1850: California is admitted as the 31st state
- 1922: The Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922 ends (whew!)
- 1926: The National Broadcasting Company is formed (Where's our apology for "Knight Rider?")
- 1971: The Attica Prison riot begins, ending four days later
- 1995: The Boy is born in Mesa, AZ

Yes, it's the Boy's birthday! 15 years ago, it all flipped here in the Den when we welcomed our third child, our first and only boy. The Boy has been pretty awesome from the moment he landed here. Our life has not been dull and I don't think it ever will be with him. He's incredibly fun, outgoing, charming, and a natural leader. Underneath the bravado of teenagerness, he's sensitive. He's just quite a kid and I can't imagine our life and home without him.

Happy birthday to The Boy! Love you, buddy!

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