19 September 2010

I'm tired.

The title of today's post pretty much sums it all up.  I'm tired.  Just plain tired.  Why?  Well, work has been brutal from a schedule and demand perspective.  September is typically a very busy time of year for me and it's been exacerbated by a new career opportunity.  I'm taking a new job with my current employer which will put me in a completely new role.  I'm incredibly excited about it but it's led to a significant amount of transition work before I move into the new role at the beginning of October.

I'm not going to whine about the work load or the job stress.  I really am grateful for the work that I have.  It's good.  I'm just tired.  I know that it hasn't helped that I don't think I've run more than seven miles since the half-marathon.  I know my body is SO not happy with me.  The fact that I've not been running isn't helping.  At all.  I've just got to get back at it.  And fast.  Fall is here and before you know it that mean she-beast that is Mother Nature will bring her nasty winter mood and no good can come from that.  It will certainly impact my running.  I need to do something about it while I still can.

So I'm looking forward to a new week and another opportunity to revive and get back at it.  I'm traveling and of the two segments that have First Class on them, I've cleared one upgrade and am on the waitlist for one.  Let's see if my luck holds with upgrade lotto.  Fingers crossed.

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Dave said...

Good luck with the first class thing. Oh, and happy birthday today! I love to read up on your blog. It's usually very captivating. Good luck with the new job!