17 November 2012

Grand...grand what?

Grandpa Abe Simpson...icon?
When you think of a grandparent, what do you think of?  You may recall experiences you had as a child with your own grandparents.  If you're lucky, you still have your grandparents and you're able to spend time with them now.  If you are my age or older, in all likelihood, your grandparents have probably long since passed on. That is certainly the case for me.  My grandparents on both sides have been gone for a long time and I miss them.

As a result of a recent announcement, I've been thinking just a little bit about grandparents.  Why? Because Our Lady of Awesome and Awesome are having a baby, hence making the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and me grandparents in May 2013.  While we were a little surprised by this news (Editorial Aside - they called us on Facetime and I was the one who cried), we could not be more excited for our daughter and our son-in-law.  And, selfishly, we are more than a little excited for ourselves!

As I said, I've been thinking about grandparents.  Think about what we've had in the media:

  • Grandpa Munster, "The Munsters"- no grandchild should be worried that Grandpa is going to eat him for dinner
  • Grandpa Jones, "Hee Haw" - no grandchild should be worried about the damaging affects of inbreeding as manifested in their grandpa
  • Grandpa Simpson, "The Simpsons" - no grandchild should have a grandpa that yellow, unless of course said grandpa is affected with an epic case of jaundice
As far as role models, grandpas in the media are out.  So I think about the grandfathers I've known:

  • Grandpa Wade, my maternal grandfather - Man of legend.  Cowboy. Sheriff.  Amazing story-teller.  Epic with the curse words at Church (J. Golden Kimball had nothing on him).  Unique ability to have two TV's going at once at full volume and still have a conversation with anyone in the room.
  • "Dobby" Lyons, my paternal grandfather - Man of quiet patience. Example of love, patience, and goodness.  We called him "Dobby" because that's what my sweet cousin Laurie, the first grandchild, called him.  I'm sorry I didn't know him better, but I suppose I did because my Dad was so much like him.
  • My Dad - paternal grandfather - much like his dad, my Dad was one of quiet patience with his grandchildren.  He wasn't much of a 'get on the ground and roll around with the grandkids' grandpa, but that's OK.  He taught them so much in his example.  I'll never forget watching him take the Boy fishing.  It meant the world to the Boy.
  • Papa Thompson - maternal grandfather - the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML's dad only got to see two of his grandchildren before he died.  Watching him with Our Lady of Awesome when she was a baby was an indication of how he'd raised his children.  It was amazing.  I'll never forget watching him, this big man, cradling my daughter in his arms and telling her secrets that made her smile.  Pretty sweet stuff.
  • Grandpa Paul - maternal step grandfather - College football star. Air Force pilot. Airline captain. Missionary. Since he joined our extended family, he's not been a 'step.'  He's been Grandpa Puul and he's treated my children as his own grandchildren and they, no, we are all the better for it.
With examples like that, I've got some excellent guiding lights as I carve out this new path to being a grandfather.  I've got some time to figure it out.  I probably won't change much from who I am now, so this grandchild is in for it.  That was probably summed up best on Facebook by a very good friend when she quipped:  "Poor child."

It's been great to get a ton o'feedback on the Facebook and via text since word got out about this grandchild.  It's probably worth a "Top 10," but thought I'd share my favorite text so far, but I can't reveal he who sent it:

Great news!  You'll love being a grandparent - even sleeping with a Grandma.

I didn't see that one coming but I loved it.  And I think know I am going to love this whole grandpa thing.


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