21 August 2013


As noted in my previous post, it would seem that summer really is coming to a close. BookFace is getting populated with pictures of kids returning to school. The Blogosphere, especially the Mormon Mommy Bloggers who have taken it to an '11' on the Over The Top scale it would seem this year, is filling with stories and images of the same - kids heading back to school. But here in this part of Connecticutistan, school is not yet in session and there's still a bit of idle time to be had.

But you know what they say about idle time and its results...'an idle mind is the Devil's playground.' Well, I've found that an idle mind is an absolute blessing. Sometimes there is nothing I relish more than to not have a single, and I mean NOT ONE, thought in my head. It's fantastic. Really.

But you can't be empty-headed forever. The results aren't good. You want proof? Two words: Paris. Hilton. I rest my case.

So it's good to heed the counsel of the sign: No Idling Allowed. I'm trying to heed it as the summer winds down. I know I've been idling as it comes to the Den of late. But that hasn't stopped new people from finding a seat here in the Den. I'm curious though as to what idle behavior led people to the blog by entering the following search terms:

bloody nipple
running like a dope
JFK assassination bloody shirt

Seriously. Those three are just a random smattering of the search words or phrases that have led people milling about the dork forest that is the interweb to the Den. I could not be more concerned. All the more reason to step up the quality of the writing here, I guess. Clearly, I need to stop the idling.

It's time. Summer's pretty much over. Enjoy the last few days and weeks of it.

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