16 January 2014

Because I'm a giver

Live posting tonight from the Quiet Car on Amtrak's Northeast Regional. As I'm blogging from a darkened rail car and my somewhat conspicuous absence from the Den has been a bit pronounced, I will just say it's been a busy couple of weeks...the year has roared back to life.

Earlier this week, our second born, the lovely CAL, made her way to the eye doctor in the world she knows as Her Own Private Idaho. The visit confirmed our worst suspicions - CAL won the latest round of Genetic Lotto. And by "won," I mean totally spanked. Here's why:

As an adoptee from the swinging '60's, I have scant (none) information on my birth parents, which is fine by me. All I know is that their health was good. Comforting, isn't it? With so little information, answering health history questions is amazingly simple. It's a big time-saver, let me tell you. The lack of history has never been a big deal to me. It's been a bit if an adventure, actually.

When the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML embarked on the adventure that is parenthood, we would occasionally joke about what might turn up in our children, based on the mysterious swamp that  is my genetic history. It made for some good times. One thing we've always known is that I have horrible eyesight and we always wondered who would get that mess of a trait.

Well, we have a winner and it's CAL. She is now sporting some advanced contacts and a set of progressive glasses as a back up. Lucky girl! I was on the other side of 46 years old before progressives made themselves across the bridge of my nose. She has me to thank, because I'm a giver. So CAL, you are welcome, Princess. Welcome to the Progressives Club!

Just don't run down stairs until you are used to those lenses. Learn from my mistakes...

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Scott Hinrichs said...

I'm not sure how much better it is to know which maladies plagued your predecessors. You will get your own set of fall-of-Adam based issues anyway.