15 February 2016

"I passed this Valentine's Day single."

Given the drama we've had with TMFKATB's email the past few weeks, we were anticipating another day of missed emails or super slow delivery / receipt. Happily, it was a day sans email drama. Everything showed up in real time and so we got back to that sense of being present with TMFKATB today.

This week's letter was a good one. It was a little more detail-rich than past week's as well, so that was nice. We take a bit more measure of comfort when we have a better feel for what he's been doing. He's currently working with and teaching people from Mexico, Ecuador, and Venezuela and seems to be reveling in the different cultures. He's staying busy and that's a good thing. He also gave us this note of reassurance:

I passed this Valentine's Day single.

Um, good to know, son, since, for those of you who didn't know, the two-year mission is a no date / no relationship gig. So thanks for that serving of comfort. It actually was pretty funny to read, given my utter disdain for Valentine's Day. Kudos to him for trying to get under my skin from behind the Zion Curtain. He'll have plenty of time for dating shenanigans when he gets home. Unless of course he's too gun-shy and scared to even talk to a young woman after two years as a missionary, kind of like his father. But that's a post for another day.

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