07 February 2016

Taking One for the Team

There are times, in any relationship, where give and take is a must. It can't always be one person's way. That gets old in no time. For example, you're a couple and you've got one television in your bedroom. Is it fair that only one person control the remote, thus only allowing steady stream of Premier League games and three blithering idiots yammering on about cars? Nor would it be fair if the only thing coming across angsty dramas about the greatest city in the world, Chicago? Of course not. Fortunately, that is why the DVR and streaming media was invented. Relationships around the world saved!

But what about the questions of what movie you're going to see? Sometimes you don't want to wait for it to hit your (LEGAL) media platform of choice. You want to see that movie at the theater. You want to see it, but your beloved, eh, not so much. So you know what you do? You take one for the team. Such was the case last night with a little movie called "Hail, Caesar!" If you've read anything here, I'll give you two guesses as to who wanted to see it and who would up taking one for the team. If you're uncertain, you'll remember that I have given my wife the moniker "Stunningly Patient" here. Still wondering who? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I'll sum it up like this. For me, this was a fun Coen Brothers movie. Was it fun in the sense of "Raising Arizona?" Nope, but it made me laugh. Was it sharply written like the nearly perfect "Fargo" or "True Grit?" Indeed. Was it sly like "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"I thought it was. Look, it was an homage to the big "picture" films of the 50's. And watching Frances McDormand (barely recognizable) get nearly choked out by a film projector was a site to behold. I had a good time. The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML? Well, let's just say she got a good nap. She indeed took one for the team.

As we drove home, she simply said, before I could say it I might add, "The next Nicholas Sparks movie. Yeah, you're going to it with me." Knowing it would be silly to argue, I simply added, "That's fair. And you know what, I won't even complain once during the movie. I'll sit there silently. Everyone wins!" Suffice to say, I will be happily taking one for the team. Sooner than I want probably, because I just realized there's a new movie of his out now. It's called "The Choice." I think it's safe to say that if I could exercise my right to choose, I would choose to opt out of this one.

However, I shall not. I will take the sage advice from those Keep Calm people:

Keep Calm 
Take One for the Team

Curse you, Mr. Sparks. Curse, you.

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