24 September 2012

Just a little bit off

It was a good weekend with the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and the Boy.  We didn't do anything especially exciting, but it was good to relax.  Really good as a matter of fact.

That said, though, I woke up yesterday feeling just a little bit off.  Not physically, but just a little off.  By midday, that off feeling was beginning to feel a bit like foreboding.  I could not put my finger on that sense, nor could I shake it.  It was more than a little strange.  Even stranger was the moment at Church when the speaker less than subtly declared we should vote for Mitt because of his charitable behavior.  I'm sure this thrilled the Mittites but I think that may have been some of the source of my foreboding.

Then today two of my children Tweeted about their weeks starting off in a way that suggests it is going to be a rough week for each of them.  I think that's where my sense of being just a bit off was coming from.  I hope I'm still in synch with them as they continue to grow up.  I hope that never goes away.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

Although there have been a few mild offenders, my ward's members have been fairly successful at avoiding advocacy of political candidates at church for a long time now. And for that I am grateful.

Some 20 years ago we had several members that strongly and vocally supported a candidate. No problem there, except for when their advocacy spilled over into testimony meeting and church classes. Most responded favorably when our mild mannered bishop asked them privately to avoid such comments. One sister continued the practice. It got so bad that the bishop met with her and asked if he needed to hold a church court. We've had very few problems since then.