16 February 2013


Are you 23? Good question. I know I'm not. That ship sailed a long, long time ago. However, if you happen to run into my first-born today and were to ask her, 'Hey, are you 23?' she would be able to answer that yes, she is indeed 23, for today, she celebrates her 23rd birthday. Yep, it's another birthday here in the Den.

I suppose that in some antiquated book of etiquette that I'm violating some rule that declares one must never reveal a woman's age but I'm applying the 'rules were meant to be broken' adage here. My blog, my rules.

So Our Lady of Awesome is a year older today. She's a college graduate, a wife, and a soon-to-be mother. She's living a good life. One that makes her happy. As a parent, you really can't ask for more. She's been a joy to us and it's quite an experience (equal parts exciting and terrifying) to watch your children morph into adults, take on the world, get bumped and bruised, and get back up again. It's been to watch our first-born blaze the trail for her sister and brother. It's been a good path.

So, happy birthday to my Princess. Yep, married mommy-to-be, I still get to call you Princess.

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