21 February 2013


If you've watched "The Simpsons," you know that Bart has been the bane of his teacher's, one Mrs. Edna Krabapple, existence. As a matter of fact, he's been a one man wrecking machine at Springfield Elementary. But let's face it, the mayhem he's wreaked has been pretty awesome to watch.

You'd think there'd be a more episodes where Bart faces down a substitute teacher and yes, there have been a few memorable ones - Ned Flanders and Marge to name a few, but Bart hasn't had a lot of throwdowns with subs. You may recall that Lisa had an entire story arc on her adoration of her substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom (name the actor, who in an uncredited role, voiced said teacher - there's no prize, just see if you can name him). It was one of those sweeter episodes when all was said and done.

I've been thinking a bit about substitute teachers because there is now a substitute educator among the residents of the Den. CAL landed a job today as a substitute para-educator in one of the local school districts here in Connecticutistan. This is fantastic news on several fronts. CAL is an elementary education / special ed major and she'll be working with special needs children. She'll be working one-on-one with them. It will be incredible training for her. She will gain some great insight that she can apply to her major and she'll be all the more prepared when she starts her formal student teaching. So lots of upside for her.

I'm sure she's thrilled too because this means an end to my near constant nagging about her finding a job while she's home. I'm thrilled too. I'm proud of her. She's going to be great. She could even take on the likes of Bart Simpson.

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