11 December 2013

Doldrums. The Winter Ones.

While the term 'doldrums' has a maritme meaning, in every day speech, it refers to listlessness, depression, and stagnation. Welcome to my world of late, my friends!

With our first real snow (meaning the stuff is sticking) and attendant chill, the Winter Doldrums are here. I'm thrilled. And by thrilled, I mean seriously not pleased. Most of it stems from the fact that we are going to have the whole family together for Christmas and that reunion can't get here fast enough.

Of course, the more the excitement builds for our holiday reunion, the busier I am getting at the office, which makes the break seem like a completely unattainable goal. That chasm then makes me, how do I put this, irritable in a big way. Suffice to say, it ain't no way to live.

So, it's time to find a way to snap out of this and get myself set for all the festivities ahead. I'm taking suggestions.

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