23 December 2013

On Discovering

Our second day of Christmas vacation has been nothing short of perfect. I'll let this picture, taken earlier today by The Boy, sum it up:
When your 18 year old son, having spent the entire day with his sisters, parents, brother-in-law and nephew, declares it a perfect day, you know something has gone well. And it has.

Our first full day together was spent at Discovery Cove and it was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous. The park has expanded slightly and we've discovered a few things:

CAL still hates the very thought of a fish touching her so no snorkeling for her.
Brits love them a bad tattoo almost as much as their American cousins and Discovery Cove is like a living memorial to over-exposed, pasty, bad tat-covered, corpulent English skin.
The Awesomes had a fantastic time swimming with the dolphins.
The Baby Awesome loves a nap in the hammock.
And we've discovered how great it is to have our little family all together. Naw, that's not a new discovery. We already knew that and have been anticipating this reunion anxiously. The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML summed it up nicely in the caption to this Instagram, posted earlier today:
With zero apologies to Peaches and Herb for snatching a lyric from one of their songs, I echo the sentiments. This reunion - it feels great. 

If we discover or experience not one other new thing this week, this trip has already been worth it. As I fall asleep tonight, I will, rather than counting sheep, be counting my blessings.

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