15 December 2013

Sunday's Sense of Snow

View from the deck of the Den
Thanks to our first big winter storm, Electra (please, please, please do not get me started on how stupendously lame it is that our nation is now naming its winter storms), we awoke to a significant layer of snow this morning. By significant, I mean several inches. Several inches that required shoveling.

So I was up early to begin the dig. As much as I may like to lament the snow, I do find a certain peace in it, especially right after a significant storm. There is a soothing stillness that permeates the air and there's a lightness about it as well. That stillness and lightness were perfect companions as I began to shovel. My thoughts were on the Sunday School lesson I would be teaching later in the morning and before I knew it, I was near the end of the driveway.

It was now time to get out the big guns (aka The Boy) as the plows had been through and created their usual dam of snow rage at the end of the driveway. I, being a middle-aged train wreck, needed the assistance of my son to break through the muck to finish up the work. The Boy joined me without complaining because he really is a good great kid and we were done in no time.

Church was a little under attended today. Apparently the snow was daunting and our ward is so large geographically that digging out posed a challenge for a lot of folks. The irony is that several of us dopes who made it are natives of California and Arizona and have no business adapting to this stuff. Anyway, as a result, we held just one meeting and we were sent home. The Boy and I headed out to dig out one elderly couple and when we got home, we helped a neighbor clear the end of his driveway.

A little snow, a little service. A good thing to do on a Sunday.

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