16 February 2014


Although she's not been a live-in resident of the Den for several years now, that doesn't exempt our first-born, Our Lady of Awesome, from being honored, as is tradition, here on her birthday. Today is that day.

We're enormously proud of this girl (she's my daughter, and she'll always be 'my girl,' so no hate on the 'girl' reference). She strode into her twenties well and ticked a lot of things off her life's checklist:

  • Graduated from university with honors
  • Got married
  • Dove into the working world
  • Gave birth to our first grandchild
  • Swam with some dolphins
  • And hooked me up with waffle trucks in two states
All good great things. She has much to celebrate today. I'm sure her boys, Awesome and the Baby Awesome will treat her well. She deserves it. We'd love to be with her little family, celebrating too, but we'll make due with FaceTime.

Happy Birthday, Princess!
A ridiculously attired new dad and his Princess 

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