16 May 2014

And the papers are in

As I alerted you, loyal Denites, recently, I am going be keeping you all apprised of some of key milestones that The Boy achieves on the road to his missionary service. Last night he checked off another box and this was a big one.

Last night, he completed the interview cycle which is a pre-requisite for service when he met with our stake president (for those of other faiths, think the equivalent of the local head honcho in your church). With all the "i's" dotted' "t's" crossed, medical checks done and proof that his wisdom teeth are fleeing the building next week, it was almost time to click "send" on his application. The last part was a good and sincere discussion about his own sense of readiness and then it was time to click "send."

Thanks to the miracle of the Interwebs, The Boy confirmed this morning that his papers had indeed been sent, virtually, to the Zion Curtain. His application will be reviewed, prayerful consideration will be given, and in anywhere from two to six weeks, we'll know where he'll be called to serve. We'll know where he'll spend two years, having experiences that will make him an even better man. The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and I will then know the nameless people that we will be praying for daily to watch over him. We'll have a better sense of what awaits our family for the next two years. 

Suffice to say, The Boy is as cool as can be about it all. I'm already beyond eager to know where he'll serve. It could be anywhere, from St. Louis to Sydney; from Lusaka to London, even Boise, ID Spanish-speaking. So let's make this interesting...what's your guess? Submit your guess in the "comments" section. Given that we are adopted Chicagoans at heart and fully embrace its colorful history of the 'vote once, vote often' concept, guess as often as you'd like!

Where Will The Boy Be Called To Serve?

Here we go!

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