30 May 2014

Viva Mexico! Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico that is.

The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML made her way to our mailbox today and found a little something that piqued her interest. That little something? That large white envelope you see. It was addressed to The Boy. It contained his mission call. Due to his golf schedule, the envelope sat unopened until 830PM this evening. Suffice to say, knowing that unopened envelope would tell us where he will be for the next two years, waiting for him to get home was no walk in the park.

Once he got home, it was game on. We made him take a shower to get the golf stank off and after one demand to change out of his creepy kitty t-shirt, it was time for the reveal. Thanks to the glory of the Interwebs and the fact that the great Satan of the Web, AT&T, decided to be stable, we were able to connect three IPhones and a couple of iPads to get far away family in on the fun. With everyone connected, he opened the envelope and read:

Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez

He will leave September 17th and will be on the Lord's Errand for the next two years. We are so excited for him. We are relieved to know where he will be serving. We are thrilled to see how happy he is. We are counting our many blessings.

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