05 May 2015

Cinco de Mayo y la segunda nieta

I'd say he was fairly non-plussed by today's news
Cinco de Mayo is one of my most favorite days of the year. Even though it's not really a 'thing' in Mexico, unless you are from Puebla, and I defy you to find an American who knows what the day really stand for (and no, it has nothing to do with excessive indulgence of enchiladas and margaritas), it has been a day worthy of celebration for many years in the Den. Until we moved here, where the Iron Fist of Martha Stewart looms large and makes celebrating this day an event that must be secluded in secrecy, if at all. So I was kind of glad that I was in my Manhattan office today. My office is a block away from the Mexican consulate so I was hopeful that the infamous Tamale Lady would be out front, but she wasn't. Instead, a ridiculously good taco truck, Tacos Juquilita, had set up shop. I was able to enjoy three Mexico City street-style chorizo tacos, at Mexico City prices, not Manhattan. So it was truly a celebration all the way around.

As I was walking back to my office, reveling in the goodness that was my lunchtime celebration, I got a text from Our Lady of Awesome with the following announcement: GIRL. It was quickly followed an announcement on the Instagrams, starring a completely non-plussed almost two year old. As his mother put it, 'He doesn't know what's about to hit him. Baby GIRL coming in October. We are soo excited.' Given his expression, I think the excitement is currently reserved for his parents. And us, this baby's maternal grandparents. We are delighted to know our second grandchild is on the way and so happy that we have a little girl joining our growing crowd. Even though he doesn't look too excited, that boy is going to be an amazing big brother. One thing is for sure, that little girl will have a built in body guard with him. At the rate he's growing, he should be the size of a five year old in October and he only turns two at the end of this month!

The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and I are so excited for our oldest daughter and her husband. It's more fun than I could have imagined to sit back and watch your own children parent. You wonder, 'Did she get that from me?' when she says something to her child. Then you wonder, 'Did we do enough to prepare all of our children for the role of parent?' Because I chose very, very wisely and married up, I rest a little easier when answering those questions.

Well, October can't get here soon enough. Can't wait to welcome that little girl into our family and to hold her and say, 'We are glad you are here. I think you're going to like it a lot!'

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