04 May 2015

Of Colonoscopies a la Mexicana

Reunited with some of his favorites
Not sure where to start with what TMFKATB had to say to do. His letter arrived earlier than last week, closer to what it's normally been. He sent a note to me first though and it was a bit of a butt barn burner since it contained a delightful, and by that I mean gross, description of his Mexican colonoscopy. He was keen to know if I'd had one yet and I think he walked away more than a little proud that he got the First Timer's Trophy on that one. I've had other medical indignities thrust upon me, so I'm not worried about losing out to him too much. Without disclosing too much that would get me a HIPPA violation, it looks like he'll be having some more 'fun' within the confines of the Mexican medical system.

The good news is that he's been reassigned to a new area with a missionary who's been out a little longer than him. His companion is Mexican national, so once again TMFKATB will have a tremendous opportunity to enhance his language skills and learn more about the culture of this people that he has come to love so much. They are working hard and seem to be having a good time together. TMFKATB's attitude continues to blow me away. He's finding the positive in everything, even his jacked up intestinal fiesta.

As I read his letter, I wished he'd gotten a bit more of my cast-iron stomach. Why I can essentially eat roadkill in the streets of Kolkata or some unknown 'meat' out of a burning oil drum in Shanghai and not bat an eye and he's struggling in southern Mexico is beyond me. I'd trade places with him in a second if I could though. That said, as we read his letters, his sense of humor radiates and his positive attitude brings us a sense of peace. We were promised he would be watched over as he served. It's a promise in which we have enormous faith. Sometimes this feels like a bigger challenge for us than him. In some ways, it probably is. This mission experience is a tremendous time of learning for the young man or woman who chooses to serve. Turns out, the parents learn a whole lot as well. I need to be a better student and trust a bit more in the Teacher right now. I'm just glad that kid of mine in southern Mexico is such a great example.

It's good to be reminded that a Dad can always be learning from his children.

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