31 May 2015



Thanks to the soothsayers over at Wikipedia, you can learn all sorts of things about the number two that you never wanted to learn. For instance, did you know that divisibility by two is easily tested? Or that two is the smallest and first prime number? Neither did I and those two math gems are liking to kill me. Interestingly, there is no reference to the scatalogical nature of the number two, which is an indication that Wikipedia is not staffed by a bunch of eleven year old boys. We can all rest easily now. But enough about that and all things numbers and math.

Why the two? Because there is a birthday in the Den. The Grandson Awesome turns two years old today. As he turns two, B has proven to be a force of nature. He's determined. He's physical. He's a thinker. He know what he likes and what he doesn't. He's funny.  He's happy. He's a reflection of two parents who love the heck out of this boy.

And as his busting at the seams proud, which is not a statement on my waistline, grandfather, I can saw we love the heck out of him, too!

Happy birthday, B!

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