22 June 2015

What's cracking? he asked

Monday, as it now does once again, brought us news from behind the Zion Curtain in the form of a fairly brief update from TMFKATB. His letter opened with the following statement:

"What's cracking?" Suddenly he's a Brit.

The trio is no mas.
He was quick to update us on the status of his trio companionship, which is now no more. Normally, missionaries run in companionships of two but because TMFKATB basically helicoptered in mid-transfer, he was dropped into an existing companionship. No more though. One of the three was assigned to a new town, leaving TMFKATB as the designated driver (not what you think!) of their mission car, which he described as a "sweet Corolla." Given that he drove a 2003 Ford Taurus with a faux spoiler in high school, the bar for 'sweet' cars isn't exactly high. He expressed his displeasure that the car has a little machine, or telematics, on it that makes speeding or taking sharp turns a bit of a problem. I weep for him.

Can I just say had telematics been around in the last century when I was a missionary, it would have made for a world of hurt for most of the missionaries who drove in our mission. I cannot even begin to describe the atrocities that were inflected on our motley collection of Ford Tempos and first generation Chevrolet Cavaliers. I wouldn't know since I wasn't allowed to drive. My alleged driving record pre-mission put me in a risk category normally reserved for Lindsay Lohan coming off a four day bender, so I didn't drive. Suffice to say, I don't have much sympathy for his telematic restrictions.

One of the bigger highlights was this statement: "I'm feeling healthy." This was confirmed by a phone call from his specialist here in Connecticutistan this past Friday who had just gotten the results of TMFKATB's tests. He told us that there was no evidence of illness / disease any more and that no further testing would be required. This, my friends, is something of a miracle and a true answer to prayer. So many of you when you heard about him coming home and the medical issues he was potentially facing offered to raise your voice in prayer on his behalf. I am so pleased that we can report those prayers were answered! Prayer works, my friends, prayer works. Our heartfelt thanks to each of you.

So suffice to say, it's been a good Monday and a fine belated Fathers Day 'gift.'

Oh, and he's getting this goodness for free from the good people at Waffle Love. Yeah, he's healthy again.

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