08 June 2015

He's back out there

With TMFKATB's return to missionary service, Mondays just got interesting again. We anxiously awaited the email 'ding' sound around midday, alerting us that news from behind the Zion Curtain had arrived. Sometime after 1PM our time, the emails started to arrive. They did not disappoint.

Young MC? Throwing shade? I don't even know.
In a word, he is happy. He is so glad to be out working and serving again. His letter made us smile and brought us a great deal of relief. His first few days have been a bit like Dorothy after she was kicked to curb by that pesky tornado when she mused, 'I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.' As he settled into his basement apartment and got a hot shower in a clean bathroom, our missionary had to say, 'I'm not in Mexico anymore.'

He's currently serving with two other missionaries but that will only be for about another week until the next transfer. He's really happy to be working with these two and says they are getting along great. He's delighted to be busy and talked about how much they've worked since he got there. He's using his Spanish and is already working with people from Colombia and El Salvador. He's really excited about that.

It was funny for me to read his letter and to note how easy it was to read. Amazing what an English keyboard will do. There was punctuation and capitalization. I nearly died.

There's a little bit of me that will miss the letters from Mexico. But I realize that and to borrow a well-worn phrase from 1847, 'This is the place' for him. He's excited. He's happy. I can't ask for much more.

Yeah, so not Mexico anymore

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