11 July 2016

It's time to go to work

Apricot tree - harvesting the goodness therein 
In the last line of TMFKATB's letter today, he wrote the following:

I only have five full weeks left of the mission!
It's time to go to work!

That sentiment made me smile. It's more than safe to say that over the course of the last two years, in both Mexico and behind the Zion Curtain, he has busted his proverbial hump working and serving. One could justifiably argue that he really did bust his gut serving in Mexico, so his declaration that it was time to go to work today was just a little funny. 

He's recognizing that he only has five weeks left (seriously, he's only got five weeks to go) and there's a lot yet to be done. I'm quite sure he knows he will not have an experience like this again and he's determined to live it to the fullest up to the very end.

His week, per his letter, was a little chaotic as they find themselves deeply invested in the welfare of a family that has recently arrived in the United States from the chaos that is Venezuela. The family of six was staying with another family of seven in an apartment clearly not made for 13 ("Code Violation on aisle six!) and they were given two days notice to hightail it out of the place so that the other family would not be evicted. TMFKATB and his companion became pseudo real estate agents as they worked to find a place for this family to stay / live. In what he called a miracle, they were successful. They found someone that was willing to give the family their basement as a temporary place to stay while they work to get further settled. He was so excited that they were able to help this family. There are good people in this world. There really are. 

I'm glad he was reminded of that. I'm glad he's determined to work up to the end. I can't believe it's nearly here.

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