04 July 2016

On Independence Day

1976 - Honoring our nation's Bicentennial
Today, July 4th, 2016, the United States of America celebrates its Independence Day. It's been 240 years since that auspicious moment when the 13 colonies declared themselves free from their overlord and ruler, Mother England.

In terms of world history, the United States at 240 years old, is still fairly young. But what a wild ride its been! I'd rehash it but my non-American readers (who, let's face it, know more about our history than we Americans do) will probably call me out on a litany of errors, so I won't.

Our nation, like its history, is fascinating. We are a messy melting pot that believes wholeheartedly in its exceptionalism. We far too often take our freedoms for granted and forget that we aren't the only democratic society out there. We are at times impossibly divided (Would the 2016 Presidential Election please pick up the white paging phone please?) and yet will band together in moments of great trial. On the other hand, we see no problem in using weapons of mass destruction on the world. Of course, by that I mean the horrible Kardashians. I can only say how truly sorry I am for that. No, really, sorry, world. You did nothing to deserve that. Nothing.

This is a nation where I can still choose to wear my boss Chairman Mao t-shirt to a church Independence Day breakfast. Because who doesn't need a little discussion of cultural revolution over waffles? I really did do that today. The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML rolled her eyes as I left the house and told everyone she played no role in what I wore. Nor should she. I mean I am nearly 50 years old and can usually pick out my own clothes.

Oh, my country. There's no place else on earth like you. Where else am I going to get stellar guidance like this from the movie and cultural guidepost "Independence Day":

Once again, the L.A.P.D is asking Los Angelenos
not to fire their guns at the visitor spacecraft.
You may inadvertently trigger an interstellar war.
~ Unnamed Los Angeles newscaster

That's good advice for any of us, Los Angelenos or not, on any day of the week. Put down your guns and avoid an interstellar war.

Happy Independence Day, my friends.

Another Bicentennial celebratory aircraft

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