05 July 2016

His last transfer

Salad(!) and the Bingham Copper Mine
Due to yesterday's Independence Day celebration, I wasn't able to post the update from TMFKATB. So here it is, a day late.

This week's missive was brief, scant on detail but chock full o'exuberance. As is the norm, we get his family letter first and then as his day wears on, he sends additional updates. His family letter, entitled 'The Last Transfer,' was a reflection of the joy he has found in his two years of service. It all seemed to come together in the last couple of days for him and he was nothing short of elated.

He reflected on the fact that news would be coming about transfers and that this would be his last one. It was clear that he didn't want to be transferred but he put a positive spin on it. A few hours later, in his unbroken streak of everything somehow turning to gold for him, he sent this news:

"Great news! I'm staying here! I honestly can't ask for a better way to end! I am so happy!"

How do you argue with that? I am so happy for him and how he'll be able to wrap up his service. He's got six weeks left and he's as happy as he's ever been. So to celebrate, he and his companions went to the Bingham Copper Mine. If you've ever flown into the Zion Curtain's welcome mat, Salt Lake City International Airport, and you've approached from the south, you've seen this mine. It's a lovely eyesore open-pit copper mine which you can't miss. Strangely, that's where his happy took him yesterday. Good for him.

Maybe I should try that the next time I'm the receiver of great news. Go find a mine or a quarry and soak it all in. Whatever works, right?

So many things about this picture...but you gotta love the
skies that the Mountain West manages to produce.
And what about the motorcycle photobomber?

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