10 June 2012


Not Beijing, but the bark look is all too familiar
We are settling in to our new existence, living in an extended stay hotel.  It's going to be cozy, to say the least, making a temporary home out of a one-bedroom place, but it'll work out. I'm sure our patience will be tried from time to time but we will find ways to not try one another's patience.

What's surprised me is how quickly our collective patience has been tried by our dog, the ever nutty shih tzu, Beijing.  Beijing made the move with us, but she may not survive it.  She appears to be having a bit of a meltdown.  She's gotten used to going everywhere with the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML.  She had to be out of the Chicago house whenever it was being shown, and it was shown a lot.  So every time she hears the door open or the car engine start, Beijing thinks it's go time.  Tragically for her, every time is NOT go time.

She seemed to settle very nicely into our little place and on Saturday night, I took SML and the Boy into West Hartford to experience it and to give Mexican food here a try (which was pretty good although it had a chilling Taco Bell effect on me - I shouldn't have to explain that).  When we got back, and bear in mind, we were only gone two hours, the Front Desk staff awaited us.  Apparently while we were gone, Beijing went ape, barking insanely and incessantly.  Four different guests called to complain, one of the Front Desk staff came up to the room to try and settle her down, and they even tried calling me on my cell phone to report her foolishness.  Here's the thing, while the hotel is pet-friendly, they reserve the right to boot any pet, dog in this case, who is an excessive barker.  Well, with a mere 24 hours in the hotel, we have been warned.

Suffice to say, her nuttiness is going to make life interesting.  I don't think they make muzzles small enough for dogs like this.  So her nuttiness better come down a few notches and fast.  Who knew that barking would be the thing to trip us up this fast?!  Oh Beijing...get it together, dog.

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