07 June 2012

From the road

Well, we are officially out of our home in the Midwest, documents signed, and we are more than halfway to our new adventure in New England.  I'd like to say we are on our way to a new home, but we're not.  It's an extended stay fiesta for us!  Hope the Boy is ready for life on the pull-out coach.  This experience on the couch will serve him well when he's a married man.  By then, he'll have done enough time on the couch.  He'll know that it's better to resolve an issue with his spouse than to spend a night on the couch, all to prove that he's right.

Anyway, we're about six hundred miles into our drive.  We're in our fourth state of six.  We pulled off the I80 around 9PM and stumbled into a property belonging to a lesser-known hotel chain.  I'm going to be kind and not mention said chain (although e-mail if you want to know who it is).  It's a little rough.  As proof, here's a picture of our some of the hardware in the shower:
I especially like the drop ceiling and the loose tile
This showerhead terrifies me.  It reminds me, and not in a good way believe you me, of some devices I saw when I was spending far too much time with my urologist when he was ruling out a diagnosis of prostate unpleasantness for me. Similarly shaped devices went places they shouldn't have gone, can I just tell you?  I saw this and turned straight around.  I'm thinking I'll skip a shower in the morning. Suffice to say, we aren't spending any more time here than necessary.

All in all, a good day.  Wonderful friends, who we will miss terribly, helped us clean the house, although I continued to argue that the buyers did not, and do not, deserve a pristine house, but that's because I am still a tad bitter about their craziness through the whole sale process.  In spite of that, like I said, it's been a good day.  Tomorrow is going to be even better because the New England adventure officially begins, with my family at my side.

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