31 March 2013

He Lives

It is Easter Sunday and that, my friends, is a pretty big deal in Christendom. I dare say that it's pretty much the biggest deal of them all. On this day, those who call themselves Christian, celebrate Christ's resurrection - His victory over death. It is a day of hope, celebration, and peace.

I am one who calls himself a Christian. My Christianity may not be the same as my neighbors, especially since we don't live behind the Zion Curtain (aka Utah) and that is fine. I know that our Savior lives. I know that He died for me. And not just for me. For all of us. And that brings me peace.

You know, the Den has never been an overtly religious blog. That was never my intent. It's been a place for me to overshare what's happening in my life and that of my family (whether they like it or not). It's been a place to tell stories and in the end, it's a reflection of who I am. In a thousand years, heck let's face it, in ten two years, it's not going to matter much what I put down here. I am just one voice in a sea of billions.

Yet on this most sacred of days, I am grateful for my friends of a multitude of creeds and for how they have enriched my life. I am a better man because of those different perspectives. I am appreciative that you've allowed me to share who I am through this space and that we've done so without malice. That says a great deal about the good people in my life.

So I hope that this day has been one of hope, celebration, and peace. I'll let this arrangement of my favorite hymn (btw - if this arrangement is not sung at my funeral, whenever that day comes, I will be most displeased), confirm what I know to be true about this day - that He is my Redeemer and that He lives!

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