24 March 2013

Sunday School

Growing up, church attendance was never an optional thing. It was what you did and I've been going to Church weekly, and faithfully for the most part, for as long as I can remember.

I said for the most part because I found that there were times when my attendance at one part of the meeting block (yep, our services constitute a three-hour block, divided into three separate meetings) may not have been as faithful as it should have been. For example, once I got a drivers license, I may or may not along with my closest friend A., have used the Sunday School block to get to the McDonalds in McCormick Ranch for some sustenance. I may or may not have been part of a not so silent ring to see how quickly we could get teachers rotated in and out of our class. Once I was married and our kids were little, I may or may not have spent most of the Sunday School block in the hall with an antsy child. A child made antsy by his/her arrested adolescent father. Of course, these things are all alleged to have happened. Allegedly.

As if my life isn't proof enough that God has a sense of humor, my current service position in our local ward (parish equivalent) is more proof. I serve as the Sunday School president and I'm charged with insuring Sunday School works, that the Gospel is being taught, and that people are where they are supposed to be. Turns out it's been a pretty great experience. This year, the youth curriculum was essentially turned on its head (good-bye to the same stories of Marjean and LaVerle being tempted to miss their curfew that have been in heavy rotation since 1959) and our teachers have a monthly Gospel theme, some amazing resources, and with a major dose of faith, they teach.

We are about one quarter in to the new program and I did some training with our teachers after Church today. It was a pretty cool experience to listen to these faithful people talk about what they were doing to make a difference in the lives of the youth that they teach. There was a good exchange of ideas on improving the teaching experience and it was heartening, really heartening, to hear about the successes people are having.

As we wrapped up the meeting today and I looked at the good people in the room who are teaching our youth, I realized how lucky both the teacher and students are now. They are having great interactive discussions. They are growing together. I also realized I probably owe no fewer than six Sunday School teachers from my teen-age years an apology. I gotta go write some notes...

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