13 April 2013


It pains me to say this but I think it's happened. I believe I have been stricken by a most challenging malady.

Writer's Block

Symptoms of writer's block, thanks to the interweb's arbiter of truth, Wikipedia, include the author losing the ability to produce new work. Causes, and this is not an exhaustive list, include lack inspiration, distraction, illness, or depression. Great.

Up until the dawn of this fine year, I found myself posting regularly, whether you, my good readers, liked it or not. This year, I've slowed down dramatically on my posts and I find myself tapped out of things to say or share. The desire is there but the words aren't coming right now.

Now, based on my scan of the interweb as well as high-quality, and by that I mean craptastic, television observation, there does not appear to be a pill that I can take to cure this case of writer's block. Other writers have turned to certain vices to help them overcome the block, but my faith prevents me from darting down that path, unless you count my absurd fondness for Coke Zero. I can tell you it's not turning on the creative chariot.

So, I have some work to do. I have to get that missing mojo back. It's time to find a way to get past this block. Suggestions are welcome from all two of you who keep up with the shenanigans here in the Den.

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Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

You have obviously fallen into that trap of thinking too much. I try and avoid it when I write. That way, it is much easier to generate drivel without judging yourself.

If that doesn't work, I recommend plagiarism.

Best of luck!