05 April 2013

Figuring it out

I grew up being taught that the purpose of our time on earth was a time for learning, testing, growing and preparing. I've come to believe that through my own experiences and I know that's what this life is about. There are times though when the reasons for that testing and growing are hidden like Lindsay Lohan's commitment to sobriety. And that is confounding and that's when you ask, 'When will this start making sense?'
Lately, I've been asking that question a lot and I wonder when certain things will start making sense. The issue in question is banal in the grand scheme of things but right now it is something that weighs on me. It's been something that the mighty fine SML and I have discussed at length and I am amazed at her patience and willingness to support me and figure it out with me. To say I'd be in a world of hurt without her is one of the great understatments.

At lunch today with an old friend, he asked me if I'd had my mid-life crisis yet. I talked to him a little bit about the challenges that have me a-pondering and when they are going to start making sense. 'You may not know for awhile,' he said. He's right. Sometimes the answers aren't revealed for awhile. I need to make peace with that.

This weekend, because of these meetings, I'll be seeking that peace.  Looking forward to it.

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