14 April 2013


Testify, Brother Bart!
In the eleventh episode of the eleventh season of what is the greatest show on television, "The Simpsons," Bart becomes a revivalist preacher/faith healer with his own church. Predictably, it goes horribly and hilariously wrong (proof: the amputated leg sailing through the goal post, scoring the winning point). It also spawned one of the funniest songs that's come out of an episode, simply entitled "Testify." It's 1:42 of brilliance, but I digress.

I would have enjoyed attending one of Brother Bart's sermons, I think. It would have been a train wreck set to a rousing gospel soundtrack. Suffice to say, I don't think Brother Bart will be preaching from a Mormon pulpit, or that of any other faith, anytime soon. The fact that he's a fictional character prevents that from happening.

Yeah, somehow I think his brand of testifying would be a little much for my brothers and sisters from behind the Zion Curtain. But as I've written here before, one of the things that makes the members of our Church a tad peculiar is our testimony meetings. What they lack in revivalist fervor, they often make up for in powerful witnesses. Today was one of those testimony meetings where there was power and it made for a good meeting. It was good because of what people shared. What was shared were brief, pointed, powerful witnesses of belief and faith. It was reassuring, reaffirming, and peaceful. It made me happy. It made for a good Sabbath. And for that I am grateful.

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