19 May 2013

An explanation

From time to time, a picture is taken that finds its way into the netherworld of social media. That picture requires an explanation. The following is an explanation for this picture:
What on earth was going on here? Seriously...
We live, technically, in a smaller town, a 'ville' really, within an already small town. It's been interesting adjusting to life in said 'ville. This past Friday, we experienced the ville's vaunted Jamboree, which appears to be the annual fund-raiser for the volunteer fire department. It turns out that the area in which we live is the ideal vantage point for viewing the fireworks show associated with the aforementioned Jamboree.

So Friday night as the skies finally darkened, The Boy and a couple his friends set up on our deck in preparation for the fireworks extravaganza. The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML joined them in order to watch the show. As we sat on the deck, we decided to take a picture of ourselves. It took the intervention of one of The Boy's buddies to show me how to work the flash on my friggin' iPhone in order to get the gem featured above.

Turns out the flash on the iPhone is akin to the glow of, oh I don't know, a nuclear bomb explosion. Except the iPhone flash lasts for what feels like a minute before it turns off.  Seriously, you get a nice retina burn before a picture is taken. Hence, the travesty you see above. So there you have it. An explanation.

Here's the thing though - I love this picture. The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and I have laughed countless times since taking it. I love that at this stage of our lives and our marriage that we are able to laugh at ourselves. I love that she had no problem agreeing to having a silly picture of the two of us make its way onto the infinite well of nothing that is the internet. I love that this picture captures the joy on my wife's face. I wouldn't want it any other way.

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