07 June 2013

Full Circle

I met my grandson for the first time yesterday. Words fail me (finally is what more than a few of you are saying) in describing the moment I first held him. It's pretty fantastic, but then so is he.
Its been an incredible thing to watch my daughter mother her son and to see how actively involved my son-in-law is. He's more than living up to his 'awesome' moniker. What's been even more fun is to watch the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML in action as a grandmother. After nearly 25 years of marriage to me, you recognize that nothing throws her and she's taking everything this new little man does in and is so patient in sharing motherly wisdom with Our Lady of Awesome. Mothering is coming full circle for her.

Before we got over to see young Mr. Benson this morning, we had a chance to head over to our alma mater, BYU, to buy the appropriate baby gear. It's never too early to lay the groundwork for his choice of university. The campus was pretty quiet but as we walked around, I realized we had come full circle too. It was here where the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and I met all those years ago. It was here where we spent our first eighteen months or so of marred life. It was here (not on campus, mind you) that our first child was born. Now she is a mother. 
With Brother Brigham looming large in the background, we look a little different then we did when we strolled the campus hand in hand twenty five years ago.

Twenty five years later, we still strolled hand in hand with the acute sense that things had come full circle for us. Here's the thing about circles - they don't end. They just keep going. With the first of our next generation now here, the circle keeps going. And that is more than a little cool.

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