30 June 2013

Curse you, tiny songstress!

Curse you, Karen!
According to research as revealed in the font of all things true on the interwebs, about 98% of us have suffered from  an earworm. Say what now? But you bathe regularly and avoid lice-infested schoolyards, you loudly protest. Protest all you like, compulsive ear cleaner. No amount of Q-Tips will protect you against the invasive earworm.

You see, an earworm is, and I'm quoting the aforementioned truthsayer, "a piece of music that sticks in one's mind so that one seems to hear it, even when it is not being played." See, I told you that you've had earworms. So relax. I seem to have a heightened version of this because I can't seem to get certain scenes, quotes, and music from movies or TV shows out of my head. Typically, these are not quality movies or TV shows, making all the more of a curse. I give you this weekend's earworm, thanks to heavy rotation on the movie channels, as Exhibit A:

From the 2012 craptastic remake of a 1970s campy, no, no highly campy soap opera, "Dark Shadows," the scene in which a vampire, played by Johnny Depp, demands that the late Karen Carpenter, as she belts "Top of the World" emerge from the period perfect console TV set, by bellowing:

Reveal yourself, tiny songstress!

Now because I seem to suffer madly from this earworm thing, that scene has been replaying in my head non-stop since Friday night. This has been exacerbated by the weird need I have to replay that Carpenters song time and again on my iPod. Yes, I have some Carpenters stuff on my iPod. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, when my full playlist is discovered in a thousand years, one of two things will be said: "This person was a musical savant!" or "By all that's holy, what was wrong with this guy?" I suspect it will be the latter, but for now, it is neither here nor there.

For now, I am find myself being oddly amused by the stupid "songstress" line and pretty much haunted by the  song. I mean let's face it, for a musical act that started charting in 1969, the Carpenters could not have been more square peg in a round hole. To say they were a little different than the other acts of the day is like saying the Kardashians are only mildly repulsive. Which they aren't. They are hideous.

Say what you will about the Carpenters, but there was a lot of talent in that 'tiny songstress.' And while this current earworm is driving me nuts, it is to me at least, a reminder of the power of music. It's just so funny how just hearing a note or two of a song will take you back 30 years, or however many years, and will recall  the exact moment you were struck by that song. Our minds are an amazing thing. I'm grateful mine is still working the way that it is.

That said, I've got to go hammer this earworm out! Wish me luck.

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