03 July 2013

On the eve of Independence Day

Tomorrow, the United States of America celebrates her 237th birthday. As far as nations go, 237 years is still pretty young. One might say we are still in our petulant teen-age years, struggling at times to figure out just who are we are, or better, who we are going to be.

While we may yet be something of an obnoxious teen, ours is still a truly free nation. We enjoy freedoms that so many other nations do not. Sure, the NSA may be looking at my cell phone bill to see who I'm calling (as information, they will be sorely disappointed, but I know think they already know that). Sure, Fox News can get away with calling itself 'fair and balanced' without a hint of irony, thanks to the freedom the press. Sure, we willingly submit ourselves to probings at the airport courtesy of the TSA that are normally reserved for an annual physical. But we do it because we are free to travel. I don't need to apply to the state for permission to jump on a plane to go get a sandwich I heard about in another city (yes, I actually did that).

The road to freedom is not an easy one. Look no further than the events that are going down as we speak in Egypt. It is no simple task to manage the freedom of a democracy. As you recall from your own teen-age years, those weren't the easiest. They were tough. But you got through them. And this great country, for it is still great, is getting through it as well. It will continue to mature.

Freedom is worth something. It's certainly worth celebrating. May all of you who call the United States home  celebrate it well tomorrow and cherish that we are free to do so. I know I will.

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