25 July 2013


Maybe it's the dog days of summer. Maybe it's the fact that we are careening ever closer to being empty-nesters. Maybe it's the fact that middle-age continues to settle on me like a famished on fresh roadkill. But this seems to be my favorite pose of late:
I seem to be in a state of stupor. Suspension of, or greatly dulled, sensibility? Check. Mental torpor? Check. The image above is a fine representation of the position I assume most nights of late after work. I will admit I don't have that gut but if I keep up the reclined position instead of getting outside and running, I'll be able to balance an entire dinner tray on my gut, not just a remote.

I believe is an unusual state for me. It's not my norm. So it's time to go on the search of that spark, that invigoration again. Suggestions are welcome. But not tonight. I have to go assume the 'stupor' position for one last time.

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