20 June 2014


Really? 800 posts? Really?
DCCC - that's how you refer to the year 800 in the tragically forgotten Gregorian calendar. It is not, however, the way you would remember today's fairly momentous post.

Momentous, you say. Why, you ask? Because this is post #800. 800 posts. That's right. The 800th post here in the Den. That's 800 times I've posted an inane observation, over-confident opinion, ridiculous story, or even the occasional heartfelt moment. And it's all been snatched from the real world that is my life and the people who make my life better.

Rather than chronicling some of the little stats associated with the readership (seriously, why the popularity of the blog in Russia?) of the blog and what get's people (and by people, I mean all four of you who read it with any regularity) here, I'll just say record my thanks. Thank you for taking seat on the virtual sofa that fills the Den and sitting back, getting comfortable, and taking in what I overshare. Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it.

So here's to the 800th post! Let's see how long it takes to get 800 more. Maybe by then I can figure out why this thing plays so well in Russia...

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