15 June 2014

Father's Day

I'm a father; that's what matters most. Nothing matters more. - Gordon Brown

Say what you will about Mr Brown, the former, and not especially fondly remembered, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but he was dead on in his summation of fatherhood and I think it is a most worthy quote for this Father's Day. This dad thing is the most important thing I've ever done. It has brought me the greatest joys of my life. I'm so glad that I've done it with the greatest partner/companion/confidante one could ever ask for, my wife, the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML. Parenting our three children has been such an incredible adventure! So glad we've ridden it out together.

We are on the cusp of a trial run at empty nesting as we celebrate Father's Day today. I have been thinking about my dad and what thoughts filled his mind as he and my mom moved into the same stage. Come to think of it, they moved to the Philippines to live in the shadow of an erupting volcano and lead 180 19 to 21 year old missionaries for three years as they became empty nesters. What does that say about raising me, my sister and brother? I'd love to pick up the phone and ask my dad what his thoughts were then but it's almost five years now since he died. On days like these, I feel his absence more acutely. It's been almost 22 years since SML lost her dad too. I know she feels his absence today too.

We were both blessed with great fathers, who like Mr Brown, knew that fatherhood mattered most. They loved their children and they loved their wives and left an incredible legacy. I've been richly blessed by what my dad and father-in-law taught me. I'm a better father because of them. I'm glad to honor them today. I'm a bit lucky that the Chief Pilot, SML's step-father and grandfather/great grandfather extraordinaire to our children and the Baby Awesome, is a part of our lives. His example makes me a better dad and grandpa as well.

It's been a good day. I'm glad to be a dad. Happy Father's Day!

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