08 June 2014

It's been a blur

Life's been a bit of a blur of late
In the week since The Boy opened his mission call and learned of his assignment to the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission, and our lives have been a bit of a blur. Life has suddenly become a torrent of information, things to do, deadlines to meet, peppered with the overwhelming desire to spend as much free time with The Boy as we can before he embarks on his summer term at university and then his two year missionary service.

There is so, so much to do to get The Boy ready for these significant milestones. We've been awash in paperwork, more visa photos, and requesting records, etc., than we had ever anticipated. Man, there's a lot to do to get him ready to go. We've watched videos on how to best get him packed (gracias, YouTube). The stunningly patient and mighty fine SML has immersed herself in several blogs of missionaries who have served, or are serving in Tuxtla, and this has brought her a measure of comfort. She has also tapped into a network of mothers of missionaries serving in Mexico and Tuxtla specifically. Again, a shout out to the Interwebs. It's been said by a brilliant and very funny comedian, one Mike Birbiglia, that 'the internet is an infinite well of nothing' and he's dead on right (Example A: this blog), but it has proven itself on a couple of occasions to be of great use. Being able to connect with other mothers who have walked down this path has been, and will be, a source of comfort in strength over the next two years for SML.

I suspect that this blurry state we are currently in is going to stick around for a little while. Big changes, even when you know they are right and good, can blur your perspective for a time. All the changes we are looking at here in the Den are for the good. I take comfort in something a good friend of mine said throughout the course of his son's missionary service, 'You will not believe how your family will be blessed.'

I'm counting on it.

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