30 June 2014

Some random things

Thought I liked doing this...tuns out, I don't
Last week has been a tad busier than expected and it precluded me from sitting down in the Den and giving it the proper attention that it deserves. My bad. That said, I'll share just a few random things and thoughts from the last week of the month. That's right, people, we are halfway through yet another year. How does this keep happening? And why must it speed by faster and faster each year? Why? Why? Why? I'll stop now. Here we go:

  • I thought I liked mowing the lawn. Turns out, I don't. With The Boy gone to university, my longtime live-in lawn service is gone, gone, gone. So I mowed the lawn this past Saturday for the first time since moving to Connecticutistan. It was not pleasant. Since I refuse to part with my cash for a lawn service, I will, allegedly, learn to like mowing the lawn again.
  • Since we are the meanest parents on the planet and haven't let our kids have a car during their first year of college (this is what happens when the father, in this case, me, had a car his freshmen year and it didn't end well), the family Taurus needed a cleansing after a few years with The Boy at the helm. I also undertook this event this past Saturday. Suffice to say, I may have found the origin of the Ebola virus. Let's not speak of it again.
  • The Boy during his first week at school managed to hike to the "Y" in the middle of the night, fling himself off a bridge in a perfect double back flip into the Provo River, and got an inflatable swimming pool into the dorm room next to his, filled it with water, and the shenanigans began. I've never been prouder.
  • Yellow cards. Flopping. Draws. Penalty kicks. Endless debate over the beautiful game. Wicked envy that I'm not in Brasil. Week two of World Cup has been wonderful. 
  • This whole empty nest thing, yeah, I think it's going to work out for us. In a moment of sheer silliness this past weekend, we wound up at a Sonic where our skating waitress brought us our shakes in a scene straight out of  'Grease.' Let me clarify, in a scene straight out of  'Grease' if the beautiful girl were dating a gray-haired guy who probably needs to buy his shirts at Georgia Tent and Awning, all to the soundtrack of Sirius XM 80's on 8, because said guy can't stop listening to the music that defined his train-wreck teen-age years. Yeah, I wouldn't watch that version either, but I don't have to watch it, since it is the life I live. Good thing the beautiful girl still puts up with me.
So there you have it, a few random things as June draws to a close.

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