02 July 2014

And then it was the end.

One of life's certainties is that things will come to an end. You know, like death and taxes. Things will and do come to an end. Today was one of those days for me where something fairly big came to an end. That something? Well, in a word or two, my job.

This was not one of those unfortunately timed, pre-holiday lay-offs. This was of my own choosing. In short, I accepted an opportunity with another organization. One I know very well. As a matter of fact, it will be a lot like coming home again when I start on Monday. That's all I'll say about it here. I've made it a point to never talk specifically here in the Den about the companies for whom I've been able to work and there's no point in breaking that rule at this juncture. If you follow me on LinkedIn, you'll get the skinny on Monday.

For now, I have no SmartPhone or laptop crying out for attention. This means that the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML and I are staring down the barrel of a long holiday weekend, our first as 'empty nesters.' We are embracing it. We are going to do a 4th of July Family Fun Run wherein we will be the only parents participating without A) a stroller or B) a walker. Such is the demographic of these holiday fun runs. Good times, people, good times.

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