12 July 2014

Celebrating serape style

Viva el serape!
We're celebrating a birthday here in the Den today. As I've done in the past for this particular celebrant, I am not going to reveal the birthday number. What I can tell you about her age is that she has spent more than half her life with me, for which she either deserves the Medal of Honor or institutionalization. I'll let you decide (but I'll give you a hint, pick the latter).

Of course, today is the stunningly patient and mighty fine SML's birthday. I dare say, it's been a good day. Firstly, I didn't forget that it was her birthday, so every one calm down. Secondly, I honored our long-standing family tradition and delivered breakfast in bed to her on the famous 'red plate.' To her disappointment (read relief), I did not serenade her with a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday." You're welcome, honey. Gifts were opened with no outward signs of disappointment! So we were already off to a good start.

With that in mind, we spent the rest of the day in fairly mundane activities, with the exception of a lunchtime diversion to the charm-free section of Hartford called Frog Hollow where we could enjoy Connecticutistan's only decent Mexican food at El Serape. This fine little dive was the sight of a Christmas miracle a during our first Christmas here where I was able to find really good tamales. The mighty fine SML had been craving said tamales so it made sense that we have her birthday lunch there. The first bite of salsa I had quite literally took off a patch of my chest hair. Suffice to say, it had a bite. Anyway, El Serape is aptly named and SML loved the serapes that covered each table. Although a bit of a cheesy, touristy symbol of the beautiful country of Mexico, it made us think of The Boy and that he'll be spending the next two years in that amazing place. We counted our blessings. And then we went home where I mowed the lawn. I was no longer counting my blessings.

All three of our children called their mother today, which was great. We got to watch our grandson chase his dad, hear him laugh, and see him blow 'kisses' to his grandma. Again, we counted our blessings. Now, we are settling in to watch a movie. Boring? For some, yes. For us, no. It's been good to spend this day together.

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